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Jul 20, 2021 
Your summer first aid kit essentials
As the holiday season kicks off across the UK, we’ve put tog... Read more
Jul 6, 2021 
Exercising in the heat – a doctor’s guid...
Dr Samuel Menon, Lead GP at Livi, shares his tips on how to ... Read more
Jul 1, 2021 
What are the warning signs of heatstroke...
From spotting the symptoms of heatstroke to knowing quick co... Read more
Jun 30, 2021 
10 health tips for planning a pregnancy ...
If you’re planning a pregnancy, the advice about fertility a... Read more
Jun 29, 2021 
Learn how to do CPR – a step-by-step gui...
Sometimes the unexpected happens. And you need to act quickl... Read more
Person treating dry skin with moisturiser
Jun 28, 2021 
What causes dry skin? And how to treat ...
Most of us have dry skin from time to time, and it’s usually... Read more
Jun 25, 2021 
How to enjoy the sun safely – and what t...
Many of us are keen to make the most of being out in the sun... Read more
Jun 22, 2021 
What causes fainting and what helps? Gui...
Vasovagal syncope is a common condition that causes us to fa... Read more
Jun 16, 2021 
Your menstrual cycle explained
Understanding your menstrual cycle can help you take better ... Read more
Jun 15, 2021 
A therapist’s advice for coping with gri...
Losing a loved one is one of the hardest emotional experienc... Read more
Jun 9, 2021 
What you need to know about hunger hormo...
Dr Céline Guyomar, a Livi medical doctor, explains everythin... Read more
Jun 9, 2021 
What happens during a cervical smear tes...
Regular cervical smear tests save lives. Lead Livi GP Dr Rhi... Read more
Jun 1, 2021 
Why does my vagina smell? 8 causes of va...
Is your vagina smellier than usual? Dr Elisabeth Rosén, a me... Read more
May 26, 2021 
Feeling anxious about life after Covid-1...
With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, some of us may... Read more
May 26, 2021 
Why is hydration so important? A doctor’...
Dr Samuel Menon, Lead GP at Livi, shares his advice for keep... Read more
May 26, 2021 
5 things you need to know about sustaina...
How much weight is it healthy to lose and what’s the most su... Read more
May 25, 2021 
Spotting the signs of a stroke – a docto...
Knowing the signs of a stroke can save someone’s life. Dr Rh... Read more
May 23, 2021 
Summer bites and stings – a doctor’s gui...
Summer means embracing the great outdoors, but it also comes... Read more
May 13, 2021 
Are my blood pressure levels healthy? A ...
Keeping your blood pressure levels in check could save your ... Read more
May 4, 2021 
Why is my heart racing when I’m resting?...
Dr Rhianna McClymont, Lead GP at Livi, explains what causes ... Read more
Apr 28, 2021 
Hay fever signs and treatment: your self...
Hay fever is a very common condition, affecting at least a q... Read more
Apr 27, 2021 
Did you know that CBT can help these 5 p...
Whether you worry about social interaction or have a crippli... Read more
Apr 27, 2021 
Talking about mental health – how a GP c...
More than a quarter of people experience problems with menta... Read more
Apr 19, 2021 
Why are vaccines and immunisation so imp...
How does immunisation work and what is herd immunity? Dr Ann... Read more
Apr 19, 2021 
A therapist’s guide to coping better wit...
From less time socialising to feelings of unpredictability, ... Read more
Apr 17, 2021 11:00 PM
How does stress affect the body?
Stress can give us a short-term boost to help us tackle thre... Read more
Apr 12, 2021 
10 things your poo can tell you about yo...
From constipation to mucus or blood in poo, your bowel habit... Read more
Apr 11, 2021 
How to help manage a fear of needles bef...
While many of us are eager to get our Covid-19 jabs, for tho... Read more
Mar 31, 2021 
How to stay safe at the gym after lockdo...
The roadmap out of lockdown is fully underway, and gyms in E... Read more
Mar 30, 2021 
Thyroid symptoms to check with a doctor
Symptoms of thyroid problems can be vague and confusing – he... Read more
Mar 29, 2021 
Urinary frequency: what a constant need ...
A nearly constant need to pee – known as ‘urinary frequency’... Read more
Mar 24, 2021 
AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine: safety and...
Since some European countries paused use of the AstraZeneca ... Read more
Mar 22, 2021 
Severe period pain, endometriosis or PCO...
Wondering whether your heavy periods or extreme period pain ... Read more
Mar 18, 2021 
What happens after I’ve been vaccinated ...
Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the global scientific... Read more
Mar 16, 2021 
What can help my lower back pain? A doct...
Over 80% of people will experience back pain at some point i... Read more
Mar 12, 2021 
Having a baby after 35: your questions a...
Are you worried about what it means to get pregnant after 35... Read more
Mar 12, 2021 
A doctor’s guide to iron deficiency
Iron deficiency is very common, but many people have symptom... Read more
Mar 10, 2021 
A guide to ADHD in adults
As awareness of ADHD is improving, more and more people are ... Read more
Mar 5, 2021 
6 ways to help lower your cholesterol
Your cholesterol measurement is a key indicator of your hear... Read more
Mar 5, 2021 
10 women’s health symptoms you should al...
It may be tempting to dismiss health symptoms that seem mino... Read more
Mar 3, 2021 
Do I have a vitamin D deficiency? Sympto...
To live our healthiest lives, we should aim to get as many v... Read more
Mar 3, 2021 
How to cope with anger – in yourself and...
Angry feelings are natural, but learning to manage them can ... Read more
Mar 3, 2021 
Is my vaginal discharge healthy? A docto...
Whether you’re seeing yellow or brown discharge or there’s a... Read more
Mar 3, 2021 
Erection problems — a doctor’s guide to ...
Erectile dysfunction is common and it can be embarrassing at... Read more
Mar 2, 2021 
What causes lower abdominal pain in fema...
Female abdominal pain can be caused by several different con... Read more
Feb 23, 2021 
6 health benefits of sex
Whether you’re having sex for intimacy and pleasure or just ... Read more
Feb 23, 2021 
5 sleep problems to discuss with a doct...
Sleep is essential to a strong immune system, stable mood, w... Read more
Feb 22, 2021 
What causes heavy or irregular periods? ...
There are many reasons your period might change — from your ... Read more
Feb 22, 2021 
3 breathing exercises a psychologist rec...
Your breath is a simple tool you have anytime to help feelin... Read more
Feb 22, 2021 
What type of headache do I have? 9 types...
Whether it’s a mild, dull ache or a throbbing pain, most hea... Read more
Feb 9, 2021 
No libido? 8 causes of a loss of sex dri...
It’s common to lose your sex drive at some points in your li... Read more
Feb 5, 2021 
5 ways to build a stronger relationship ...
Boundaries, communication… we all know the foundations for a... Read more
Feb 4, 2021 
7 winter skin questions answered
If you get itchy skin, red patches or eczema flare-ups in th... Read more
Feb 1, 2021 
7 common children’s winter illnesses and...
During winter, it’s normal to be more anxious about your chi... Read more
Jan 25, 2021 
What is orthorexia? A therapist explains
Healthy eating is essential to longevity and wellbeing. But ... Read more
Jan 21, 2021 
How to help your body recover from Covid...
Dr Annette Alaeus, Livi’s infectious diseases expert, has ad... Read more
Jan 20, 2021 
Need help for anxiety? Here are your que...
As the pandemic continues, so does its impact on our mental ... Read more
Jan 20, 2021 
Covid variants — what you need to know
The news on Covid variants has left many of us confused abou... Read more
Jan 19, 2021 
5 things doctors want patients to know
Most GPs would agree that prevention is better than cure. Do... Read more
Jan 19, 2021 
7 ways to help arthritis pain in winter
If your arthritis joint pain feels worse in the colder month... Read more
Jan 13, 2021 
Covid-19 vaccination programme: Doctor Q...
As we start a new year, there’s hope on the horizon in the f... Read more
Jan 5, 2021 
How to manage arguments at home — a ther...
With many of us spending more time at home, there might be m... Read more
Jan 5, 2021 
Children and nightmares — advice from a ...
Nightmares in children are common around the ages of 3-6. If... Read more
Jan 5, 2021 
Help for depression — 7 daily tools to i...
If the pandemic or winter’s dark days have affected your moo... Read more
Dec 29, 2020 
Is your waist size putting your health a...
Excess fat around your middle can raise your risk of type 2 ... Read more
Dec 29, 2020 
5 motivation secrets to use all year (ba...
If pandemic stress has left you feeling unmotivated, you may... Read more
Dec 15, 2020 
Covid 19, nutrition and the gut: what yo...
New evidence highlights a possible link between diet, weight... Read more
Dec 14, 2020 
Heartburn and indigestion — your questio...
It’s the season for eating, and that can come with feelings ... Read more
Dec 11, 2020 
How do antibiotics work and when do you ...
Do antibiotics make a cold go away faster? Can we build resi... Read more
Dec 10, 2020 
5 ways to cope with loneliness this wint...
It’s normal to be feeling lonely as the dark days of winter ... Read more
Dec 5, 2020 
A quick Q&A on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid...
We answer some common questions about the Pfizer/BioNTech va... Read more
Dec 1, 2020 
4 ways to sleep better during the pandem...
The stress of Covid has led to a rise in sleep problems. Her... Read more
Nov 26, 2020 
What is long Covid?
Covid-19 is leaving some people with longer-term health prob... Read more
Nov 25, 2020 
10 signs of emotional abuse in a relatio...
Abuse doesn’t always carry physical scars — it can also be e... Read more
Nov 11, 2020 
Testicular Cancer - How to Spot the Sign...
Like many cancers, it’s better to treat testicular cancer wh... Read more
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