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We are looking to recruit experienced General Practitioners to join our remote clinician community.

As a Livi GP, you will be at the forefront of digital healthcare, providing either NHS-partnered or private video consultations to patients across the UK. You’ll be part of a friendly team, who are passionate about putting patient safety first.

You will be working independently, but will be personally supported and fully trained by our Livi medical and operational teams. So you can spend more time with patients and less time on admin.

Please get in touch below if you are a GP and you would like to join our service.
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Trusted digital care

With Livi, patients can see a GP by video in minutes – on their mobile or tablet. This helps shorten waiting times, increase appointment availability and accessibility and lets GPs work more flexibly and effectively. Our service is available for free through the NHS for patients of our partner GP practices.

Working with us

As a Livi GP, you will be at the forefront of digital healthcare, providing video consultations to patients.

Our GP community across Europe is growing rapidly, and you’ll have the opportunity to develop and learn from your brilliant colleagues.

Our salary and benefits

When you join Livi as a salaried GP, a competitive salary and job security are just the start. Our extensive package offers great benefits, a good work-life balance and plenty of opportunities to develop your skills and career.

Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, we have something for you.

A competitive annual salary for our employed GPs.

Self employed options available.

The Livi salaried benefits package:

  • Medical indemnity - top up medical indemnity cover for all Livi work (in addition to state indemnity.
  • Pension scheme - generous occupational pension scheme, via The Peoples Pension.
  • Wellness contribution - a contribution towards wellness activities of up to £450 a year.
  • Equipment - laptop for Livi work & headset.
  • Training reimbursement – up to £250 a year contribution towards occupational training courses (to be confirmed in contract).
  • Paid training days - 5 days a year pro rata (to be confirmed in contract).
  • Paid annual leave – annual leave allowance of 12.07% of worked hours.
  • Paid breaks - regular paid breaks within shifts of + 4 hours.
  • Sick leave - annual sick leave allowance.
  • Maternity/Paternity - benefit allowance.
  • Livi Academy - we organise webinars, workshops and lectures to make sure that our GPs can keep progressing in their careers.

Working for Livi has allowed me to see patients from the comfort of my own home, at times that suits me and my family. And with direct contact and friendly support from the Livi office and fellow GPs, I know I can get help and support whenever I need it.Hemal Shah, Lead GP, Livi.

If you are a registered UK GP, and would like to join a friendly team, passionate about improving patient service and care, we want to hear from you.

Join us and help shape the future of healthcare.

Do you have more questions?

There may be more you want to know before joining us, which we can discuss as part of the recruitment process.
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