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This is LIVI

We are working hard to create highly accessible healthcare, equal for everyone, no matter where you live or who you are.

Founded in sweden

We’re a team of experienced doctors and brilliant software engineers working together to build what we believe is the future of healthcare.

“In a world that is increasingly connected and convenient, something as essential as seeing a GP can be too. We’re working to make digital healthcare a reality in which anyone, anywhere can access the help they need.”

— Johannes Schildt, CEO and Co-Founder.

LIVI makes it possible for patients to see a GP by video consultation on their smartphone. Our experienced GPs can provide advice, prescriptions, fit notes, and referrals to specialist doctors or for further tests.

Founded in Sweden, we set out with a global vision for more equal and accessible healthcare. Combining deep expertise from Sweden’s long legacy of medical excellence with advanced new technologies, we’re delivering the highest quality digital healthcare across Europe and building a leading healthcare platform for the future.

The LIVI service has more than 300 doctors who combine their work at other health care centers with working digitally at LIVI.

LIVI is operated by the Swedish company Webbhälsa AB (556967-0820)


We are always looking for talented new colleagues and partners who want to change how healthcare works. Let us know if you’re one of them.