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We're the first digital healthcare provider to be rated 'Outstanding' by the CQC

Care Quality Commission inspected and rated outstanding

Pay-as-you-go appointments

We don’t always know when we’ll need medical help. But Livi is here for you when you do.

Appointments are available any day of the week – between 8am and 10pm on weekdays and 8am to 4pm on weekends. Simply register or sign in to your Livi account to book an appointment.

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How it works

Simply download the Livi app on your phone

Register and select the pay-as-you-go service

Book an appointment at a time that suits you

How much does it cost?

The cost of a GP appointment covers prescription writing, sick notes and private referrals you need, with no hidden charges.

Appointments cost59£

Find the right care

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Our doctors can help you by video today or any day that suits you
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Collect your prescription from a local pharmacy after your appointment
Get a sick note
When you’re too unwell to work, we can take care of sick notes
Explore medical conditions
Get the need-to-know information and advice on a health concern

Useful health information

Here you can find expert advice from our medical team to help you manage your health. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for in our medical guides, you can discuss any worries or symptoms with a Livi GP.

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What our patients say

"For so long I hadn't been able to put a face to my doctor. But this felt personal."
Sam, 51

"Livi fits in with my lifestyle and I was surprised by the quality of care I could get through my phone."
Tafari, 25

"I would use Livi any day over going to a physical GP surgery. It's just so convenient."
Larrissa, 32

Need a GP today?

Whether you need treatment for a health concern or would like to get expert medical advice, book an appointment to speak to a doctor.

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