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Urology covers any disorders of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate as well as the male reproductive organs.

Medical problems of the female urinary system and the male genitourinary tract include more minor urinary tract infections to more serious conditions like kidney stones, prostate cancer or bladder cancer.

Urological conditions are relatively common and account for up to 10% of all GP consultations and up to 20% of acute hospital referrals. Procedures include removal of an organ like the bladder, kidney or prostate to treat cancer, a vasectomy (male sterilisation) or the removal of kidney stones.

Chat to a GP about your symptoms and concerns. They can advise whether you need to see a urologist.

Bladder cancer
Bladder cancer occurs when a growth of malignant (cancerous) tissue (known as a tumor) grows in the bladder's lining.
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Erectile Dysfunction
It’s common for men over the age of 40 to get erection problems from time to time. We explain what to do if it becomes an ongoing problem and where to get advice and treatment.
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Kidney cancer
Kidney cancer, or renal cancer, is a form of cancer that starts in your kidneys.
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Kidney infection
A kidney infection is a type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that usually starts in your urethra or bladder.
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Kidney stones
Kidney stones are hard lumps that can form in your kidneys when there’s a build-up of certain chemicals in the body.
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Polycystic kidney disease
People with polycystic kidney disease develop clusters of fluid-filled cysts in their kidneys. Over time, these cysts can grow, enlarging the kidneys and affecting their function.
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Bladder Stones
When your bladder isn’t completely emptied of urine, hard lumps of minerals called bladder stones can form.
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