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Mental health

Mental health – May 9, 2022 
Managing your mental health with diabete...
Diabetes is a chronic condition that can have a big impact o... Read more
Mental health – Apr 19, 2022 
Can anxiety cause chest pain?
What’s the link between anxiety and chest pain? Dr Roshaan S... Read more
Mental health – Jan 6, 2022 
What is OCD – and what are the biggest m...
‘Did I lock the car?’ ‘Is the oven definitely off?’ We’ve al... Read more
Mental health – Nov 24, 2021 
How to stress less this winter – a psych...
During the festive period, our stress levels can reach an al... Read more
Mental health – Nov 22, 2021 
What to do when you’re having suicidal t...
If you’re thinking about suicide, it can be hard to see a wa... Read more
Mental health – Nov 14, 2021 
How do I know if I have seasonal affecti...
If you feel low during certain seasons, it could be due to s... Read more
Mental health – Nov 14, 2021 
What is health anxiety and how do I know...
Dag Härdfeldt, Lead Clinical Psychologist at Livi, shares hi... Read more
child with separation anxiety
Mental health – Oct 21, 2021 
How to manage your child’s separation an...
What causes separation anxiety in children, and how can you ... Read more
Mental health – Oct 13, 2021 
Why folic acid is so vital for maternal ...
There are lots of recommended foods, vitamins and supplement... Read more
Mental health – Oct 10, 2021 
How to talk about your mental health if ...
Too many of us don’t feel able to speak out about our feelin... Read more
Social isolation
Mental health – Oct 7, 2021 
How does social isolation impact your me...
Livi psychologist Dr Cecilia Radecka shares what it means to... Read more
How to talk a GP about mental health
Mental health – Apr 27, 2021 
Talking about mental health – how a GP c...
More than a quarter of people experience problems with menta... Read more
Mental health – Sep 23, 2020 
Could your teenager have a mental health...
Mental health struggles among teenagers are on the rise. Her... Read more
Mental health – Sep 21, 2020 
7 ways to keep your brain healthy
These simple lifestyle changes can help prevent cognitive de... Read more
Mental health – Mar 24, 2020 
Managing your mental health during the c...
With coronavirus keeping so many people at home, it's import... Read more
Mental health – Feb 16, 2020 
Depression: the warning signs
How to spot the signs of depression in yourself or someone e... Read more

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