We all have a different story when it comes to our health

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We all have a different story when it comes to our health.


“I say to our children, if anything causes you stress or worry, confront it head on. You just need a little bit of courage, a little bit of confidence and a little bit of bluff. When I noticed symptoms of bowel cancer, it was time to take my own advice.”

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“It wasn’t just me my depression was affecting, but the people around me. My mum would think, ‘was it something I did?’ I feel so bad that I even made her ask that question, because it’s not anything anyone has done, it's just how I am.”

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“It’s so hard to get the diagnosis because it’s a process of elimination. Every day it’s difficult, but a flare-up is unbearable. It’s pain that stops me in my tracks. With depression on top, it can send me to a really bad place.”

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“I have to work, I have to cook, I have to look after the kids. Because I’ve been taking care of my family, I haven’t had the time to become a proper nurse. My marriage is for life, but I’m still planning to be a nurse one day.”

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“I thought losing my hair would really affect me but it hasn’t. I prefer no hair, I really do. You get offered a wig but I wasn’t bothered. Knowing me it would just blow off in public! So I’ll roll with this look. I’m still me.”

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"I’m a primary carer for my dad who has dementia and I work full time. With all of my ‘spare time’ taken up by caring, I neglected my own physical and mental health and started experiencing panic attacks."

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“I lost 10 stone in a year, and my health problems snowballed. I have multiple complex conditions including diabetes, Bell’s palsy and skin cancer. I used to feel like a nuisance, but seeing a doctor from home gives me real reassurance.”

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“I’m nearly 65 and happy to say most of my life I’ve been physically fit. I’m even building a man den in the garden! So getting hit by lots of physical complaints later in life is hard, but at the end of the day I come through smiling.”

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“I’d been experiencing chest pains, and then a doctor found a lump in my breast. Luckily I got the all clear, but I’m really glad I saw a doctor, learned about my symptoms and put my mind at rest.”

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