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How Livi can help you during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

10 Mar 2020

We explain how Livi's video GPs can help with the everyday medical advice and support that you might need during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

With increased demand on GP practices and other NHS services, you can rest assured that a Livi GP is just a video call away. Our GPs will continue to help with important everyday medical advice, prescriptions and referrals by video.

Please note, if you think that you have symptoms or may have been exposed to coronavirus (COVID-19) please stay at home, self-isolate yourself and use the 111 coronavirus service.

During the coronavirus outbreak we know that you will still need to see a GP for many other reasons and conditions. In the current situation, seeing a GP by video is a sensible precaution that can help reduce your risk of exposure to coronavirus and seasonal colds and take the pressure off your GP practice and other NHS services.

Get medical advice, prescriptions and referrals – without visiting your GP surgery

In some circumstances GP practices may have to close due to coronavirus or they may only be able to deal with the most urgent cases. If you or your family need a GP at this time, unless it is urgent, we recommend that you stay home and start by seeing a Livi GP. They can help with lots of common conditions and prescriptions.

Help with a wide range of symptoms – from your own home

Livi GPs deal with a whole range of symptoms by videos including:

Acne | Allergies | Anxiety and depression (mild to moderate) | Asthma (mild to moderate) | Cold sores | Cold, cough and flu-like symptoms | Constipation | Contraception & family planning | Eye inflammation | Fever | Headache | Indigestion and heartburn | Insomnia | Sinus problems | Skin rashes and eczema | Sore throat | Stomach pain | Urinary tract infections in women

And even if your condition is not directly treatable without a physical examination, Livi GPs can offer medical advice and guidance about the right next steps to take.

GP support and advice during self-isolation

Self-isolation is currently a vital required response for anyone who is already showing coronavirus symptoms, or who may have been exposed to the virus. Read the NHS guide to self-isolation for more information. In this situation Livi can offer you access to a GP service for any medical issues unrelated to coronavirus. High-risk groups such as the elderly, pregnant or those with low immunity who cannot leave home, can speak to Livi GPs to get medical advice or prescriptions for many other conditions.

Off work sick or self-isolating?

If you fall ill and need time off work you should self-certify for the first 7 days. After 7 days you would usually need a fit note from your GP. However the NHS have set up a special NHS isolation note website page so people are able to create a note for their employer themselves. Please use this link rather than calling a Livi GP so they are free to deal with more urgent medical enquiries.

Remember whenever you need a GP and can’t leave home, you can usually get an appointment with a Livi GP in minutes.

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