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Covid-19 – Jan 26, 2022 
How to help your body recover from Covid...
Dr Annette Alaeus, Livi’s infectious diseases expert, has ad... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 20, 2021 
What do you need to know about the Covid...
Why do we need another dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, who sho... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 20, 2021 
Covid variants — what you need to know
The news on Covid variants like Omicron has left many of us ... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 14, 2021 
How to help manage a fear of needles bef...
While many of us are eager to get our Covid-19 jabs, for tho... Read more
Can I get Covid-19 after I'm vaccinated
Covid-19 – Aug 31, 2021 
Can I get Covid-19 after I’m vaccinated?
What’s the risk of getting a breakthrough infection after va... Read more
Covid-19 – Aug 18, 2021 
What is long Covid?
Covid-19 is leaving some people with longer-term health prob... Read more
Covid-19 – May 26, 2021 
Feeling anxious about life after Covid-1...
With lockdown restrictions beginning to ease, some of us may... Read more
Covid-19 – Mar 31, 2021 
How to stay safe at the gym after lockdo...
The roadmap out of lockdown is fully underway, and gyms in E... Read more
Covid-19 – Mar 24, 2021 
AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine: safety and...
Since some European countries paused use of the AstraZeneca ... Read more
Covid-19 – Jan 13, 2021 
Covid-19 vaccination programme: Doctor Q...
As we start a new year, there’s hope on the horizon in the f... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 15, 2020 
Covid 19, nutrition and the gut: what yo...
New evidence highlights a possible link between diet, weight... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 5, 2020 
A quick Q&A on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid...
We answer some common questions about the Pfizer/BioNTech va... Read more
Covid-19 – Dec 1, 2020 
4 ways to sleep better during the pandem...
The stress of Covid has led to a rise in sleep problems. Her... Read more
Covid-19 – Nov 18, 2020 
A quick Q&A on Covid-19 vaccines
At last, some good news about Covid-19 – early trials have s... Read more
Covid-19 – Nov 10, 2020 
Lockdown 2.0: A doctor’s wellbeing tips
This autumn, while we stay at home and go back to alternativ... Read more
Covid-19 – Oct 20, 2020 
Covid-19: 7 ways to stay safe in winter
With a new wave of infection in Europe, you may be wondering... Read more
Covid-19 – Oct 18, 2020 
Covid-19 — what we know now
Almost a year since the emergence of Covid-19, science has r... Read more
Covid-19 – Jun 1, 2020 
Back to school – a post-lockdown guide f...
As schools reopen in England, we answer your questions on ho... Read more
Covid-19 – May 20, 2020 
Face masks for coronavirus – your questi...
Not long ago the idea that we’d be discussing wearing face m... Read more
Covid-19 – May 18, 2020 
Coronavirus - advice for pregnancy or br...
If you or someone you love is pregnant or has just had a bab... Read more
Covid-19 – May 18, 2020 
How getting moving can help beat coronav...
For many people, high stress levels are an inevitable outcom... Read more
Covid-19 – May 10, 2020 11:00 PM
How to clean your home to prevent corona...
Our cleaning guide will help make sure your efforts are as e... Read more
Covid-19 – Apr 22, 2020 11:00 PM
Testing for coronavirus
We explain the different types of tests for coronavirus and ... Read more
Covid-19 – Mar 10, 2020 
How Livi can help you during the coronav...
We explain how Livi's video GPs can help with the everyday m... Read more