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Coronavirus (COVID 19) – helpful health information and support

All the latest information, helpful advice and support during the coronavirus outbreak.

With information about coronavirus (COVID-19) being updated regularly it’s important to read the very latest information on coronavirus on NHS.UK.

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Coronavirus: what’s important now

Covid variants — what you need to know
The news on Covid variants has left many of us confused about what this means for the future. Dr Annette Alaeus, Livi’s Head of Infectious Diseases, explains.
Covid-19 vaccination programme: Doctor Q&A
As we start a new year, there’s hope on the horizon in the fight against Covid-19. While the UK vaccination programme gets underway, we take a closer look at the first three licensed Covid-19 vaccines to be rolled out this year.
What is long COVID?
Covid-19 is leaving some people with longer-term health problems – it's been called ‘long COVID’. But what exactly is it?
A quick Q&A on the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine
We answer some common questions about the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, as the UK Covid-19 immunisation programme begins.
4 ways to sleep better during the pandemic
The stress of Covid has led to a rise in sleep problems. Here are 4 ways to help control your stress response to current events and get better sleep.
Covid 19, nutrition and the gut: what you need to know
New evidence highlights a possible link between diet, weight and gut health and risk of Covid-19. More research is needed, but here’s an update so far.
What is cytokine storm?
People with Covid-19 can experience an extreme immune system response known as cytokine storm. Dr Alaeus, Head of Infectious Diseases at Livi, explains.
Covid 19: What we know
Almost a year since the emergence of Covid-19, science has revealed new findings about its symptoms, transmission and treatment. Here’s the latest
Face masks for coronavirus – your questions answered
Not long ago the idea that we’d discuss wearing face masks in public would have seemed strange. But let’s look at the facts.
How to clean your home to prevent coronavirus spread
Our cleaning guide will help make sure your efforts are as effective at home as possible
Coronavirus - advice for pregnancy or breastfeeding
If you or someone you love is pregnant or has just had a baby, this can be a worrying time.
Supporting others during difficult times
We naturally want to connect, especially during challenges. Even with restrictions in place, there are ways we can help each other.
Testing for coronavirus
We explain the different types of coronavirus tests and why people shouldn’t test themselves
Is having sex safe during social isolation?
With over a billion couples lockdowned worldwide, we ask the experts how to stay sexually safe
Keep your children’s anxieties at bay
An expert guide to reduce your children's anxieties for life during the Covid-19 pandemic
Trusted health advice
How to spot fake news and how to avoid it.
Symptom checker
If you think you have symptoms use the NHS coronavirus symptom checker.
At risk groups
Find out if you’re at high risk and get advice and support.
Managing mental health
Managing your mental health during the coronavirus lockdown
Reduce infection spread
5 ways that good hygiene can reduce the spread of infection.
Whenever you need a GP and can’t leave home, you can usually get an appointment with a Livi GP in minutes.
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