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Help for looking after your mental health

How to talk about your mental health if you’re struggling

Too many of us don’t feel able to speak out about our feelings, especially when we’re not at our best. Here’s our advice for talking about your mental health with the people who can help

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How to help a child with anxiety – a therapist’s tips

What are the signs of stress and anxiety in children, and what can you as a parent do to help? Madeleine Gauffin, Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Livi, shares her advice

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How does social isolation impact your mental health?

Livi psychologist Dr Cecilia Radecka shares what it means to be socially isolated, how it affects our brains and the steps you can take to overcome its effects

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How to help someone with an eating disorder – a therapist’s guide

How can you offer support if someone close to you is living with an eating disorder? Madeleine Gauffin, Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Livi, shares her advice

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A therapist’s advice for coping with grief in your own way

Losing a loved one is one of the hardest emotional experiences we can have. Dag Härdfeldt, Livi Psychologist, shares his advice on the important things to remember when coping with grief and loss

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What is self compassion and why does it matter?

Learning to show yourself kindness and compassion can benefit your health — both physically and mentally

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Dépression post partum

Help for postnatal depression

If you think you may be suffering from postnatal depression, here’s how you can find help

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3 breathing exercises a psychologist recommends

Your breath is a simple tool you have anytime to help feelings of anxiety, depression or stress. Dag Härdfeldt, Psychologist at Livi, shares the techniques he teaches patients to help manage moods

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Need help for anxiety? Here are your questions answered

As the pandemic continues, so does its impact on our mental health. If you’re feeling more fearful or anxious than ever, Livi’s experts have advice that can help

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7 early signs of burnout and how to avoid it

Most of us have days when we feel depleted, stressed and lacking in energy, but if you feel like that most of the time, you may be at risk of burnout

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Could your teenager have a mental health problem? A child psychologist explores

Mental health struggles among teenagers are on the rise. Here’s expert help on how to deal with this sensitive issue

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How to cope with anger – in yourself and those close to you

Angry feelings are natural, but learning to manage them can help you avoid outbursts. Madeleine Gauffin, Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Livi, offers her advice around dealing with anger, with both short and longer-term tips

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Gesünder kochen Header

What is orthorexia? A therapist explains

Healthy eating is essential to longevity and wellbeing. But when it becomes an obsession, it can result in a disorder known as orthorexia. Discover more from Madeleine Gauffin, Licensed Psychologist and Psychotherapist at Livi

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Help for depression — 7 daily tools to improve your mood

If the pandemic has affected your mood, these simple tools have been shown to help day-to-day mental health

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Crise d'angoisse

6 causes of panic attacks — and expert tools for how to cope

f you suffer from panic attacks, read our expert advice to help you figure out why, and see what you can do to get them under control

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signs of depression in men

Signs of depression in men

Men are less likely than women to seek treatment for depression and the signs they experience can differ from typical depression symptoms. Our expert guidance may help you or someone you love reach out for help

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Sag der Schlaflosigkeit gute Nacht – Titelbild

3 ways stress can disturb your sleep

If the past few months have brought you bouts of insomnia or early morning wakefulness, we have practical advice

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Depression: the warning signs

How to spot the signs of depression in yourself or someone else.

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méditation et sommeil

Why mindfulness matters

Discover how the simple techniques of mindfulness can help you feel more relaxed, positive and reduce feelings of stress.

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See a GP for mental health

If you think you might be struggling with mental health, book an appointment with a Livi GP who can give you advice or refer you to further care if needed.

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