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At Livi, we put patients first. To do this we are fast-forwarding the future of healthcare. Making it more equal, more accessible and easier for everyone. Here you will find the latest news about Livi and our mission to improve the UK's health, one patient at a time.

Blog articles

Company news – Jun 14, 2022 
Case study: Increasing capacity through the Winter Access Fund
Read how Livi has supported Woosehill Medical Centre to meet growing patient demand and offer a blended approach to appointments.
Company news – Jun 14, 2022 
Why it’s time to bring digital transformation down to earth
Juliet Bauer discusses why a grounded approach to digital transformation in healthcare is vital for success.
Company news – May 31, 2022 
Video: GPs share experiences of digital working
We recently interviewed Drs Farah Virjee and Ewan O’Farrell on what it’s like to work as a GP at Livi. In our latest film, they share their views on digital working, appointments, wellbeing and more.
Company news – May 25, 2022 
Roundtable: Being a Livi GP
What’s it really like to work as a digital GP? We recently sat down with Drs Farah Virjee and Ewan O’Farrell to find out. In our roundtable, they share their views on the practicalities of daily life as a GP at Livi, quality of care, support and much more.
Company news – May 11, 2022 
General Practice Resilience Programme Explainer
To help GP practices tackle current levels of demand, support is available via the GPRP. Our short explainer provides further information.
Company news – May 5, 2022 
Improving access to mental health treatment
With the recent launch of Livi’s new mental health service, George Jones, Livi Director of Mental Health, shares his thoughts on improving access to mental health treatment.
Company news – Apr 12, 2022 
Borderless with benefits: Digital healthcare at a local level
We take a closer look at the challenges facing general practice at a local level and the evolving role of digital technology.
Company news – Mar 31, 2022 
Our gender pay gap is closed - but should we be celebrating?
Livi’s gender pay gap is closed, but should this really be seen as an achievement in 2022? Managing Director Juliet Bauer explains why this announcement is about transparency, not triumph.
Company news – Mar 31, 2022 
Gender Pay Gap Report - Livi UK
At Kry/Livi, we are on a mission to fast-forward the future of healthcare by ensuring that the care we deliver to our patients is accessible, personal and proactive.
Company news – Mar 29, 2022 
PracticeTalks with Woosehill Medical Centre
Livi has supported Woosehill Medical Centre since January 2022. We recently sat down with the team to discuss their key challenges and experience with Livi to date.
Company news – Mar 8, 2022 
#BreakingTheBias: from hashtag to healthcare revolution
Removing healthcare inequalities will take more than simply improving access. This International Women’s Day, Juliet Bauer, SVP and UK Managing Director, discusses how Livi is helping to shape the future of women’s healthcare
Company news – Jan 28, 2022 
These three words can transform healthcare
As we head into 2022, the enormous challenges we face are all too clear – waiting lists at an all-time high, thousands struggling to get support for mental health conditions, inequalities starkly exposed by two years that have seen healthcare staff stretched to the limit. And for too many patients, accessing an over-stretched primary care system feels like negotiating a maze, blocked at every turn by an opaque triage system or a phone that’s always engaged. Finding solutions to these challenges is what drives me, so I want to explore three words that I believe will help us transform healthcare: scale, technology and data. While there are no silver bullets in healthcare, these three elements, combined effectively, are the closest thing we have. Let’s start with scale. It’s no secret that some see digital GP services as a temporary solution to a temporary problem, and now it’s time to get back to the doctor’s waiting room. But this is not the story I’m seeing. More than six million people have access to Livi’s GP video service through NHS partnerships. In a few months, that will double to 12 million. As the only digital provider with an Outstanding CQC rating, every one of these patients can be sure they are getting the best quality care. Patients like Amanda, who lives with the complex rare disease scleroderma. Right now, fast access to a GP provides the security and reassurance Amanda needs, but our technology will soon be able to match Amanda, and many others living with long term conditions, to the clinician with the most appropriate skillset. In Sweden analysis of our patient’s data has shown that our algorithmic patient matching tools reduce avoidable hospitalisations by 20%. With this technology rolled out at scale, there is so much more we could do. But right now we have innovations closer to home. This month Mjog by Livi became the first messaging service to be integrated with the NHS App. Currently in its pilot phase, this integration means patients can receive messages from their GP directly in the NHS App. This will make patient communication safer, thwarting the scammers who targeted people with fake messages during the pandemic, and will open the door to powerful population-level health interventions. With Mjog already used by 70% of practices, we hope soon to be helping the 22 million NHS App users communicate securely with their GP. We also launched Mjog’s remote monitoring service, allowing GPs to send patient surveys to monitor conditions such as asthma, anxiety and depression. With data coded securely to patient records, those who need help can be identified faster, and quickly access the support they need. It is easy to see how this technology could power population level campaigns for smoking cessation or weight loss, with patients accessing high-quality support directly in the NHS App. This is scale, technology and data in action. As the immediate threat of the pandemic recedes, we must resist returning to the old way of doing things, entrenching health inequalities and squandering the innovations born of necessity. With these three words, I believe we can begin to meet the challenges and support the NHS to emerge stronger. Juliet Bauer, Managing Director, Livi
Company news – Jan 20, 2022 
Delivering digital capacity to Urgent Care
With Urgent Care services easing pressure on A&E departments it is important to continue pursuing efficiency and allocating capacity within Urgent Care.
Company news – Jan 17, 2022 
Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach to digital care
We discuss why we shouldn’t view tech with a one-size-fits-all mindset, and explain how collaborative partnerships, such as our Flagship programme help get the most out of digital tools.
Company news – Dec 22, 2021 
Extended access changes: How can CCGs and PCNs adapt?
For the second time, the planned transfer of CCG-commissioned extended access services to PCNs has been postponed by a further six months, until October 2022.
Company news – Nov 23, 2021 
Supporting GPs under pressure; COVID-19 and beyond
The pandemic has helped to accelerate new technology-driven approaches in primary care, but digital transformation must be at the heart of the government’s strategy for the NHS to continue to utilise new and evolving digital tools.
Sep 14, 2021 
Livi acquires VIX Digital
I’m pleased to announce today that Livi has acquired our long-term partner VIX Digital, bringing on board some of the most experienced NHS systems developers in the industry.
Sep 7, 2021 
Mjog by Livi launches new website
Juliet Bauer, Managing Director of Livi UK
Jun 17, 2021 
A watershed moment for digital health
This week Livi received its inspection rating from the Care Quality Commission, which regulates the quality of NHS care. We were rated ‘Outstanding’ overall for the services we deliver, joining only 5% of other primary care providers in reaching this accolade and becoming the first digital provider to do so. We are obviously delighted and very proud to know the care we provide to our patients is among the best in the country. But we’re equally excited about what this moment means for the digital healthcare sector as a whole. At the height of the pandemic almost all GP care went remote (90% at its peak), truly bringing digital healthcare into the mainstream. But much like physical care, this has looked and felt very different depending on where you are and what offerings are available. That is to say, not all digital experiences are created equally. Contrary to much of the media perception around online care, digital is not solely a means of communication between doctor and patient. It’s about an entire overhaul of how patients access, manage and engage with their healthcare. When done well it can be truly transformative. Scepticism around whether digital care can ever replace traditional in-person interactions misses the point entirely. It shouldn’t be a binary choice, and anyone who wants to access digital care should be confident they are receiving a standard of care that’s just as good, if not better than physical appointments. For patients this confidence is hugely important, particularly as we look to embed the benefits of digital access we have seen throughout the pandemic. Making these benefits spread and stick elsewhere will be crucial to ensure all patients, regardless of location or background, have access to the same high quality digital care. For the NHS, having digitally engaged patients is the foundation of encouraging more use of online tools and services. For example, independent research conducted by YouGov found that 80% of Livi patients were interested in having more of their healthcare delivered digitally, versus 50% of non-Livi patients. Making sure remote care works and is actually improving patient experience is a virtuous circle that builds momentum towards more digital innovation and adoption. We believe our CQC rating is a coming of age moment for digital. It has always been our mission to find a better way of delivering healthcare. This is just one important step to show what can be possible. Declan Mullaney, Public Affairs Manager
Mar 8, 2021 
International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge
Juliet Bauer, Managing Director and Dr Harriet Bradley, Medical Director
Feb 4, 2021 
Supporting World Cancer Day
Today, the talented team at Livi UK, along with our partners at Boots, is proud to mark and celebrate World Cancer Day.

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